Friday, December 08, 2006

It's a pahty!

It is Holiday Party season…and somehow I feel like I get more of it than most people (that may not really be true, it just seems that way.)

Tomorrow is an interesting one…dinner with school parents. This is not really a holiday party, per se, since this goes on about once a month. As part of the very tight-knit social network around the school, the parents have a formal dinner party about once a month at someone’s house.

To be really honest, it can sometimes be a little bit pretentious. There is definitely a part of the ritual that exists for people to show off their houses (which are…ahem…worth showing off…) I also really feel like there are times that people go totally overboard with the catering and such. Last summer someone had a six piece band playing during cocktails.

It’s usually fun anyway; I like getting dressed up and acting like an adult. And as I have mentioned before, everyone has been super great to me from Day 1, and never makes me feel at all like they are talking down to me or being patronizing. I am more than 10 years younger than everyone else, and I have always felt like they genuinely just like having me around…’cuz I’m fun:-D

Anyway, tomorrow night there is one in Belmont, right around the corner from the Governor’s house (we easily have the hottest governor in America…I will miss him…lol). The Boy is being a good trooper and coming with me, even though I am sure there are probably things he would rather do. Or maybe not, I look pretty cute in a black dress, and he probably knows that I will put out, too:-P [Note: we’re taking a car there and if there is privacy glass, I totally plan on fucking him in the back seat of the car…such a slut;-)]

Back to the point of my story…next month, the super sexy hostess of this dinner is going to be…drumroll, please…you got it; yours truly. I am kind of nervous, to be honest. I have never done something like this and I feel like it is kind of an involved process. There will probably be 30-40 people, at least, and I feel like there are a lot of social customs that I will fuck up.

Since we moved into the new condo, though, I feel like we have enough room and a neat enough place where it might be fun. So I offered to do it and everyone excitedly agreed…at least they seemed excited…lol. I am sure I will talk about this more as the day approaches, but for now, I am just going to take a lot of notes tomorrow night…

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Dimples said...

Come back, you are never on AIM to talk to me and I miss our chats and the distractions from!!!

You get your piece of ass in the backseat girl! Pull the dress up and ride away!