Friday, December 15, 2006

Checking in before flight time

So the massage was fucking brilliant, and lunch was really interesting, too…Boss Foxy had some interesting stuff for me that I can’t repeat (makes me feel so important!!! I have secrets that the Securities and Exchange Commission would put me in jail for revealing!!!) And the meeting with the girls at school was wonderful, too…Boss Foxy was brilliant and charming and inspiring and patient and all the things that make her such a good role model.

Then I went and found Munchkin at about 1:30 and told her that we could leave now if she wanted… “I think I should go to play practice first?” In other words…hold your horses, sister, I have shit to take care of…lol. They are doing a school play and she wants to go to her rehearsal. So I am sitting in the teachers’ lounge firing off some emails and checking in here.

Interesting comments on letting her go out and visit with her brother next summer. There is one other thing I should mention, which is that he called me and asked, which is kind of important. Why? Well, if he waited until we were out there and asked us in person, then I would have been kind of backed into a corner. Munchkin definitely would want to go, and it would force me into the awkward position of maybe saying “no”. The fact that he asked me outside of her earshot is actually very considerate of her, and implies that he knows the difficulties that I would face doing it the other way. Maybe kind of a minor thing, but it saves some aggravation.

And to clarify, I am not at all worried about her being homesick…she is quite the little taveleler. She got a little homesick towards the end of the month in Europe, but not much, and I have no worries about her sailing trip coming up. Dimples touched on the thing that puts me on edge. If you have followed the whole story, there was a slight disagreement over where Munchkin would live after my mother died.

I am not really worried about her brother, I feel like is intentions are completely on the up-and-up: he loves his sister, she totally adores him, and he just wants to make sure that he is as much a part of her life as he can be. The rest of the family, however, I don’t trust nearly as much, and I am hesitant to leave them access to her for an extended period of unsupervised time. Maybe I am being paranoid, I don’t know…but I feel like a couple of them have given me plenty of reason to distrust them (oh, this is not the family that stole her money from her, that was our mother’s…lovely relations, huh?).

Anyway, I think I have a plan, and hopefully he likes the idea, too. I will let you know how it turns out when I get back. Between that, seeing as many people as I can, and a trip to prison, it is gonna be a pretty busy weekend…see you Monday.


socal sweetie said...

Have a good weekend! I'm assuming you are going on your trip for business? Anyway, just the fact that you are this concerned and cautious with her shows what a responsible guardian you have become! It seems like it'll be okay to let her go though.

Anyway I'm trying to double major in Communication and Polisci. I want to go into Public Relations or Marketing, or something in the Publishing/Editing industry. I feel like I have a lot of big decisions to make within these next two years cause I still feel a little lost. What did you major in?

swatts said...

good luck!

Accidentally Me said...

SoCal - No, this was strictly a personal get hom before Christmas. I majored in Poli-Sci, which does nothing to explain what I Don't fret it, and don't worry about trying some different things.