Monday, December 04, 2006

The first tree

Seems like I only got halfway done last night, so I should finish my story. Actually, I am not going to finish it now, but I will get through some more and then finish it later one, hopefully.

When I left you, I was kind bummed because The Boy was pissed at me for not being around enough, and he was kind of being bitchy about it.

Anyway, Saturday morning was Christmas tree time. Me, Munchkin and Smoking Hot Roommate (no boys allowed!) drove to a farm near where SHR grew up to buy a tree and some other stuff. Yes, there is a working farm in the city of Boston (or maybe it is in Brookline, not sure…either way, it is definitely inside Route 128…how is that for slinging the local lingo?)

We actually brought another girl with us, too…we will call her Daisy and she is the cutest little golden blond you have ever seen, from the tip of her nose, right down to her 20 toes. And her tail. Hee hee…Papa Bear’s dog, but we borrowed her because dogs like farms.

We got a beauty of a tree and then brought it back home, at which point we realized that the “No boys allowed” policy left us without anyone to carry the stupid thing into the building for us. Never fear, chicks rule, so we lugged it in ourselves…and then cleaned up the trillion pine needles that we lost on the way. Oops!

We had the tree up and decorated by about 2:00, and it’s a peach! Now I just need to get some presents to put underneath it…more on that some other time.

Earlier, I had gotten a call from another school mom…every year she and three other women take their daughters for an afternoon of lunch, shopping and other associated girlie stuff right before Christmas and they wanted us to come. So we met them after lunch. In the meantime, I called The Boy to tell him where I was going and because I hadn’t talked to him and still felt kind of shitty about the way things were left on Friday.

He didn’t answer, which probably means he didn’t want to talk to me, so I just left him a message saying I hope he had a good time and I hate feeling like he is mad at me and hopefully we could get a chance on Sunday to talk because I just don’t like feeling like that.

Shopping was actually kind of fun. Five little girls in one group leads to a lot of screeching and giggling, but it was still pretty cute. Then we had dinner and went to see Happy Feet, which is really cute.

I have to say, my little twerp of a sister is really a tough kid…she is completely fearless. She knows her way around the city so well, and is completely at ease going anywhere or doing anything. I feel like most kids are kind of intimidated by busy places…heck, sometimes I feel like it is intimidating…but she is just completely unfazed by the whole thing. She told me “I can just take the T to Copley and meet them if you don’t want to go…” And she totally could. Not that I would let her, but I think it is amazing that she is comfortable enough to do that. Hmm…this could turn out to be a problem later on in life, but for now I am proud of her. I feel like if she got lost somewhere and didn’t know where she was, she would probably just hail a cab to take her home.

Note to self…remind her not to take any cabs on her own…

Anyway, I got off track a bit, and I have to get back to work, so I will wrap up here and finish later on. We got home at about 10:00, and still no word from The Boy, which had me really, really bummed out. I made Munchkin sleep with me again:-( She is good like that.

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Bob said...

Sounds like a really nice way to spend the afternoon.