Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It is 85 degrees where Munchkin is...

Really busy today, so not much time, but I like to check in me a nice break:-) I thoroughly enjoyed having The Boy sleep over last night. Beyond the sex, it is nice to wake up next to him. I am not really a cuddler, and I like to have my space when I sleep, but waking up next to someone special is a nice is a good way to start the day.

Sort of a funny story...related to my referring to Smoking Hot Roommate and her family as "The Rock's", being short for Rockerfeller (or, as I "r" in the middle). As I mentioned, they come from a family not nearly as famous or quite as rich, but otherwise pretty similar. Well, I found out that a member of her actual famliy actually lost a really important election once to Nelson Rockefeller....I never knew that. Anyway, that's not that great a

I guess that is all I have for you...not a real exciting day. The executive committee (Papa Bear, Boss Foxy and two other partners) are meeting today to figure out bonuses, so I imagine that word will start to leak out right after the meeting. We don't get them until next month, but the amounts will get out. Cross your fingers for me:-)


Ally said...

Bonuses are fun! And from what you've said earlier, there's potential for this to be a real windfall. I must say that I'm jealous (after receiving my bonus of less than $300...but some money is always better than none, right?).

Tiffany 24/7 said...

Woo Hoo!! Good luck on the bonus news! They are always fun!
My bonus at my current job is... well... there isn't one! What a surprise!! lol
Hope you continue to have a great holiday season!

Jordan said...

Good for you! I won't even tell you what my bonus was... ok yes I will. Nothing! But we did get to eat for free from the hospital cafeteria on Monday :-)

85 degrees. I'm sure she's loving that. I'm a bit tired of it at this point because 80's just isn't Christmas weather... today we had a cold spell (high 70 maybe)... but then back to 80. I'm not complaining about FL weather, just give me some 50's atleast for the holidays!

ella w. said...

I'm pretty sure Papa Bear will take care of you. I got the same bonus as Jordan - a big fat NOTHING.

What's the latest "O" count? ;)

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - Bonuses are definitely a big part of everyone's compensation...mine will obviously be smaller than everyone else's, but hopefully it will be enough to make me giggle with joy!

Tiffany - Thanks! So far so good!

Jordan - We got a little snow this morning, but that was the first real winter. It has been pretty warm the whole season. I talked to Munchkin, she is safely aboard the boat in the blazing Carribean sun.

Ella W. - I assume mine will be proportionally in line with everyone else's, but I do have a couple of people's on the committee looking out for me;-)

And...four;-) Two last night, one in the middle of the night and one this morning. [grin]