Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guest Spot

Ok, I post this because I promised that I would...but it is a little sappy for my taste. I think Smoking Hot Roommate might have been drinking while she wrote this. Anyway, she really is a sweetheart and I owe her just about everything I have. Since I love her so much, I will let her ramble on like a blithering fool... Enjoy!

Good morning everyone, I would like to introduce myself as the oft-mentioned Smoking Hot Roommate. I am somewhat ashamed of my name, as I believe that our divine author has somewhat overstated my hotness. I shall not complain, though, as I somewhat like being called Smoking Hot:-)

I started to write a huge essay about how great Accidentally Me is, but I realized that it would be about fifty pages long if I really wrote what I wanted to. I decided that a better idea would be to make it into a list:

1) She’s hot. Piercing eyes, cute scar on her upper lip, incredibly sexy body. She says she’s cute, but she’s lying, she is really hot.

2) When she is talking to you, there is no one else in the world. This is, IMHO, her greatest single quality and the one that most draws people to her. She is a mesmerizing personality that attracts everyone in a room towards her.

3) Men swoon over her. I will leave the messy details of this for her to tell you. If she doesn’t, I will. She has been proposed to four times, just think about that.

4) My father has a crush on her. Big Sis and I are in agreement on this, and even Papa Bear’s lady friend acknowledges it. It is completely innocent, but she is his favorite child. He denies the crush, but does acknowledge that she is his hero, and that she reminds him somewhat of my Mother.

5) She is much smarter than she gives herself credit for. Her first business, finance or accounting class was not until she was a Junior in college, yet she is able to function at the absolute pinnacle of the finance world in a ruthlessly difficult environment.

6) It is simply impossible to talk about AM and not mention Munchkin, both because it says so much about her and because you have to know her with Munchkin to really appreciate her. She didn’t take Munchkin in because she thought she should, or felt like it was in her best interest. She did it because she wanted to, because she wanted to be around her all the time, and she wanted to be the parental influence in her life, and she wanted to give her all of the love and attention that she didn’t get when she was growing up. I will certainly get scolded for being an amateur psychiatrist for that, but it is true.

This brings us to Munchkin who is, quite simply, the coolest little kid on the face of the earth. The single most traumatic event in my life was the death of my mother when I was about her age. Even then, I was left with a fantastic father and an older sister who doted on me and did a lot of Mom things for me. I simply can not imagine losing both parents by age 10 and still maintaining any sort of a positive outlook on life.

Certainly, AM should get a lot of the credit for that, but it’s hard to over-estimate just how special a little kid she really is. I have lived with her for nearly 18 months now and have never once felt like she was even the smallest imposition. Nor have I ever seen her talk back at all to AM, or to me for that matter.

I hope this is brief enough, it is challenging to try and sum her up in a short format like this. I’ve read everything she has written here (I never knew she was such a good writer!) and I can assure that there is a lot more where that came from. She is every bit the hero she seems, and a lot more. Hopefully she will get around to the whole picture over time.

And if she doesn’t, I will!!!

Love ya, Cutie;-)



Ally said...

Aw, that is sweet. Now I really want to see pics of SHR and you to observe your hotness firsthand. And I want to meet Munchkin; she sounds like an absolute delight.

And there's something to be said for giving others what we didn't have.

SHR: I hope you'll post again!

e.b. said...

That was truly wonderful. You are lucky to have such a good roommate, scratch that a good friend.

Dimples said...

SHR...geez where have you been?!?! Nice way of summing up AM!!

Bob said...

Well I certainly am impressed with all of the people that I have read about on this blog. You all make me wish that I had friends like you in real life.