Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shopping update

Yeah!!! I went over 1,000 visitors yesterday, that makes me feel cool!!! I have to tell you, I get really excited to come in every morning and publish the comments people left. I love comments, they make me feel special:-)

Quick rundown on presents, since I have pretty much finished my shopping. I got The Boy a box of cigars, because that is what he really wanted…lol. I also got him some little things like gloves and a scarf and some stuff like that. But he really wanted the cigars because they are hard to get and…um…I "know a guy"… And they were really expensive, too…man, I didn’t know cigars could cost that much.

Both Big Sis and Smoking Hot Roommate read this, so I am not saying what I got them:-P Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!! I got Munchkin some clothes and books and some other random stuff: SHR and BS went way overboard for her, so she will find a lot of stuff on Christmas morning waiting for her.

I got The Boy’s parents tickets to the Symphony, which I think they will like. Or maybe they will think it was boring, who knows…lol. I bought his sister and her wife matching pajamas…how cute is that? Hee hee.

I found a super-old picture of me and the two BFFs in some of my Mom’s old stuff last weekend, and am having that blown up for them. It is really cute, we are all missing teeth:-) SHR and I are sending gift certificates to some really ritzy spa to The Body and The Mouth, which they will enjoy thoroughly.

As for the big news that I am still avoiding, I already wrote a lot of the post (which is actually really therapeutic) but I am going to hold off on posting it until tomorrow. I promise I will do it then, though.

But…I am going to Chicago again for the day on Saturday. I will let your imaginations run wild with that…anyone want to take a guess?


Ally said...

The symphony tickets and the blown-up old pic are my favorites of the gifts you mentioned. Good job!

As for why you're going to Chicago....I don't think I'm right, but all I can come up with is to visit your father. You didn't mention seeing him earlier (or if you did I missed it), so maybe you decided to make that a separate trip from the one you took with Munchkin.

Dimples said...

Oh I know, I know, pick me?!?!?!

How come I wasn't on your present list?!?!

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - You are not that far off...I did see him last weekend, and you are perceptive in noticing that I left that out of me recap...

I kind of like this guessing game thing:-)

Dimples - Um...your present is that I already told you:-P

k.d. said...

i wish i had someone buying me cigars (cuban preferred!) or BSO tickets (ah! james levine!) for christmas!

good choice! :-)

ella w. said...

So you're going to keep us in suspense...well I guess now I know it has to do with your father.

Accidentally Me said...

k.d. - I was told that these "fell off the back of a truck"... And I had to check and see who James Levine is, so you know way more about the Boston Symphony than I

ella w. - I am going to post it end-of-day. I am going to finish writing it later. Promise;-)

Tiffany 24/7 said...

I LOVE the idea of the pic for your BFF's. You are so lucky to have them and that will be such a great gift for them to receive!

As for the trip... I got no guesses, but I am now in suspense and can't wait to read about it when you post it!

nicole d. said...

100 visitors, you ROCK!!! So does your writing ;)

brookem said...

hi there:) i found you from ally's blog and wanted to just stop by and say hi. i see you're from boston too! im going to start catching up on your posts now:) happy holidays and have fun in chicago!