Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Parties

Smoking Hot Roommate is still promising her guest-post for today, so I will post it when she sends it to me (and when I make sure she doesn’t say anything too bad;-))

Judging from yesterday’s comments, it seems like the “Christmas Tree in Jewish Household” thing might be a little bit limited, but not totally isolated. Interesting to hear the perspective…

I went to a company Christmas party last night as someone’s +1. Funny story on this one…this goes back to last summer during one weekend that we were at the beach house (you like how I just toss that in like it is mine? I am such a weasel…lol). Papa Bear had a friend down for some golf and fishing for the weekend, and we were all hanging out on the beach.

I got to talking to his friend, who told me that one of the other partners in his law firm had a son that he wanted to set me up with. Kind or random, but whatever…he seemed like a good guy, and I am pretty adventurous, so I told him to give the guy my number.

I got a call when we got home Sunday night… The guy is actually gay, but apparently his father’s friend didn’t know. (This should be a sitcom plot). Anyway, because we knew we would both be quizzed on it later, we figured we oughta get together for a drink just so we could say we did it.

I will give Papa Bear’s friend credit, though; he was right about us getting along. Outside of the whole “him-not-liking-girls” thing, it probably would have been a promising first date. I did see Papa Bear’s friend again, and didn’t even have to lie… “We did go out and had a really good time, but there was just no immediate attraction.”

So he is sort of a friend of mine now, and a couple of times I have gone with him as a date to things that he doesn’t really want to bring his boyfriend to. And last night was his office Christmas party, where he is not “out”.

I don’t blame him for feeling like there are times he wants to keep his sexuality a secret, but I do think it is sad that he feels like he should. It’s the 21st century (and a blue state, too!) and I feel like we should get past that already. Clearly, I am not the only person to have ever said this, so I don’t really want to get totally on a soapbox.

Obviously, the vast majority of people probably don’t care one way or the other who he dates, but there are definitely some people who would feel like it was an issue, and I can see why someone would be sensitive about broadcasting it. But it is still sad.

Anyway, I had a really good time, and I think he did, too…and he had me home before bedtime:-)


Dimples said...

I was in Mass on Saturday at Yankee Candle and totally saw so many same sex couples. Mr. ESPN and I thought it was kinda cute, the only thing we did was figure out who was the guy and who was the girl!!

Ally said...

I think about homosexuality a lot. Hmm....that sounds weird. But I find the culture found in many predominantly homosexual areas as well as the dynamics of some homosexual relationships and how defining their sexuality seems to be for some homosexuals to be fascinating.

The few homosexual friends/relatives I've had have had two distinct lives and have essentially lived a lie, resulting in all sorts of problems. It's understandable though as homosexuality would never fly at my firm or many others outside of metropolitan areas. Did you ask this guy why he wasn't completely "out"? I'm always curious as I try to understand, as much as a heterosexual can, what homosexuals have to deal with that I don't.

Accidentally Me said...

I have asked, and he says that he doesn't feel like it is the business of a lot of people. It is easier to just keep it quiet than to worry about one of two random assholes.

He has also expressed concern that, the minute you let that out in the open, it becomes the first thing people use to describe you. He doesn't want people to say "Oh, that guy, he's gay" before they say "He's a really adept real estate developer, a really funny guy and a good dresser."

To be honest, I think he is pretty well balanced with it. It doesn't eat at him like it might some people, and he is pretty understanding of the added hassles he goes through that others don't/