Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas shopping

Totally an accident that yesterday's post about sex was post #69 of this blog...I swear it was not on purpose. Good to know that I don't gross any of you out, though...that makes me feel a little better.

Random story…three years ago, a magazine wanted to do a profile of Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis as part of their “Most eligible singles in Boston” story. And why not? They are both mega-hot, incredibly smart and qualify by most standards as “heiresses”. As part of this, they spent a day with a photographer to take pictures for the story.

Well, they both nixed the idea at the last minute…it went against their general tendency to try and avoid publicity as much as possible. The pictures, however, were gorgeous…and various prints of them are hanging in various places [Papa Bear has a four-foot tall nude photograph of his two daughters hanging on the wall in his study…lol. That sounds much worse than it actually is…you can’t see anything you shouldn’t due to some careful positioning and a well-placed sheet. Also, the picture is beyond stunning…it looks like Scarlett Johansen and Charlize Theron were just lounging around relaxing one day…]

Anyway, as a Christmas present last year, Smoking Hot Roommate got the same photographer to take an afternoon’s worth of pictures of me and Munchkin. Honestly, it was one of the most fun things I have ever done…we got our hair done in the morning and then I felt like a model all day…it was a blast. (Yes, I did get up the nerve for some semi-nudes, too…more on that some other day. Actually, probably not…that is kind of the whole story…lol).

One big advantage of that is that it gave me Christmas presents for a whole bunch of people. All Papa Bear wanted for Christmas was a big picture of his “other” daughters (one of which is now hanging on his office wall next to a non-naked picture of his real kids…lol). It also worked really well for all of the Chicago family, of which there are a LOT.

So why am I telling this story now? Well, it occurs to me that I could use a universal gift this year, because I have no fucking idea what to get anyone for Christmas. Like, none at all. Which is going to make for a pretty hectic weekend of me trying to shop. I will take any and all suggestions…and consider this a request for them. Here’s my list.

Munchkin – I am actually ok on this. I don’t have to get her a ton because a) she doesn’t want much, and b) her pretend older sisters will spoil her rotten. She’s not hard to shop for, though…I can find stuff for her.

The Boy – I got nothing…and he is not real good about making Christmas lists. His sister promised that she would take care of me, though, so I think I can count on her to get this done for me.

Smoking Hot Roommate – I think I will be ok on this too. I can always get her some clothes, which I know I can pick out for her. When you look like her, everything fits well, and everything looks great. Yeah, I hate her, too…lol. Sort of the same goes for Big Sis…I can probably find her clothes somewhere. Brainwave!!! I can but them both super slutty lingerie, which takes care of getting gifts for their attached boys as well. I’m so smart!!!

Papa Bear – I have no idea, and this will require some creativity. What do you get a guy who already has a Bentley? Lol…I think I summed up my problem pretty succinctly there…

The Boy’s parents – Shouldn’t be too hard, but I have to get them something, even if it is small. I also have to get his sister something, but she is just like me, so that shouldn’t be hard.

Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc. – Not speaking to a lot of them has really cut down on the need for gifts…lol. I think I am actually going to skip the gifts for most of them. There are a LOT of them and it is just not practical. We are going out there next weekend to see all of them, and I think that will have to be gift enough.

Munchkin’s Brother – She wants to get him something special, I’m sure, so we have to do that. I will leave that up to her, though…she will think of something.

BFFb and BFFg – The only two people I have already shopped for!

I also have to get Boss Foxy something…and I am sure I am forgetting someone.

Boy, I really need to get on this, don’t I? Anyone have ideas?


Dimples said...

you forgot to add me to your list..haha!

ella w. said...

Fruitcakes for the fam in Chicago! lol.

Ally said...

For the people you care about (and how live in Boston), I always think tickets are a good gift. Tickets to sporting events, concerts, plays, or whatever else they would enjoy. That way they don't get more stuff, and if you're going to attend with them, you are giving the gift of time (and a fun memory) too.

Dimples said...

Since you love me you can always buy me Opening Day Red Sox Tickets for April 10th!!!!