Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Party

Hope everyone enjoyed meeting Smoking Hot Roommate yesterday, she’s a peach:-D Now I have to see if I can get Big Sis to chime in once in a while…and to make sure that the language is appropriate for large audiences…lol. She tends to swear a little bit now and again.

The Boy’s company Christmas party was last night and it was a blast. First, we were half an hour late because the pre-party sex took entirely too long. To be more accurate, the second time took too long…but that is just a detail. So I was probably glowing when we got there, and in an awfully good mood.

I know a bunch of people that he works with, so I didn’t have any problem feeling comfortable even though this was really my first company function. I was hanging out with a guy and girl that are friends of his and a random older guy came over and introduced himself. “Hi, I am So and So, and I have been told that you are absolutely the one person I need to make sure I meet tonight.” Pretty good way to get my attention;-)

So we got to chatting…he was a really nice guy who knew about my sister and had all kinds of questions, and also knew Papa Bear and had some work-related questions. It is not really that large a company, so it isn’t really that odd that someone would know things about the other people that work there. It is a really strong culture and they are all pretty tight.

Anyway, we probably shot the shit for like half an hour (The Boy joined us at one point…he didn’t totally throw me under the bus…and this guy’s wife did too.) Then I asked The Boy “He’s awfully friendly, who is he?”

“Um…he is the CEO, and that is more than anyone has seen him say to a person as long as I have been here.” Apparently he likes me, and he doesn’t like anyone else…I guess I really am pretty charming…lol. The rest of the party was really fun. He works with really neat people and I got my dance on real good. I love dancing, by the way…I could go dancing every day and night if someone asked me to.

I also got my hump on again after the party, but I think I pulled a muscle…lol. This would not be my first sex injury, or even, like, my fourth. It is kind of hard to explain how it happened (just remember that I am very small and I am also pretty flexible) but I seem to have an injury to my lower back, right over near my left side. I’ll be honest, a pulled muscle is a pretty small price to pay for three orgasms in a night. I will gladly make that trade.


Dimples said...

Sounds like a night full of sex!!!!

Jordan said...

You got your hump on.... ROFL